Sony handycam ccd-trv118 ntsc manual

Error Code C? - Camera Hacker Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to fix my problem? jackson Wed Jan 26 PST 2005 Sony is pretty secretive about the :23 code. However, to service the C:31 code, Sony recommends you do the following: If your camcorder still shows the same error code, then you'll have to send in your camcorder for service. BTW I have a Sony TRV 510Good Luck Jeff Sun, -0700 had this problem for couple of days. Tommy Tue, -0700 I just watched my son hit the side of his camera and it worked LOL. p Sun, -0700 Very satisfying debbie, that worked. I WILL NOT BE BUYING A SONY CAMCORDER EVER AGAIN Andy Kirk Thu, -0800 Sony DCR-HC42, C error. Fri, -0800 Yesterday my Sony DCR TRV147E, has the some C: alarm code and I can't reset it... I haven't been able to use the camera now for about 3 months and I was just about to take advantage of the after Christmas sales when I read this post. I also have a camera that ejects tapes for no reason, sometimes repeatedly, for quite a while. Then I open the door and a small white tube go outside. Mon, -0800 I just had this error come up on my TRV318. a lht tap at first , then more of a smack , then an all out WHACK. I woz contemplating asking my cousin who has a black belt in Karate to wack it, but I'm prepared to wait for a forum-reply first. on a TRV265 Dital8, couldnt get it to work after lots of power cycles etc but the smack on the side worked. i have not used this camera in so long because of this C:31 business. Error Code C? Sony_DCR-TRV18. When a DV tape is in the camera, an error message flashes with the code C. When there is no tape, the error does not.

Sony Hi8 Handycam Vision CCD-TRV68 NTSC - Video Dailymotion yet this message will not go away and I cannot use my camera. Tue Jan 25 PST 2005 this prob alwas appear what does it mean C: and my cam is trv250 ..please !!! and after 5mins of banging and poking my fingers in the tape chamber, I can play the tapes, with no noise or flashing...!! But doubtful and sometimes working, is better than not working at all. Kiki Sat, -0800 20 December 2005, removed the film, slapped the camera pretty hard, enough for me to hold my breath awaiting the results. I had the message, read all of the messages on the web site, hit the crab out of my camera about 7 times, put the tape in and away we go, its working. I have owned this camera for about five years and have always chalked that error code up a bad tape or something. I wonder if Sony is aware there are so many people with the same problem / fix? Jason Tue, -0800 Follow up on the error well the slap to the DCR-TRV350. Inside this roller you will find a small white plastic tube that inserts to hold the roller steady. I took a tube from a compressed air can and cut it to the correct size and replaced the broken plastic one. You do not have to dismantel the unit to get to this you can do this from the ejection port. Mine does have a hum to it that it did not have before but I believe that is from worn heads and is not related to this issue the hum was present before. I still use this thing but I got a new Cannon ZR200 now hopefully it won't need a good smaking. I follow the method of smacking,after that I heard some small sound in my cam. Thanx Anyway Zaid Amman, Jordan Fri, -0800 ok, i train people on technology and i thought .what the hell...i'll try it. Just did the prescribed mild wacking on the tape side of the camera and the dang thing now WORKS FINE! I intend to use the camera heavily before then to see how long this no tech fix works. Ed From Carlsbad California Sat, -0800 Lets hope more people google this error code! Sony Hi8 Handycam Vision CCD-TRV68 NTSC. Get Detail Review And Special B Sale Price NOW.

Sony Ccd Trv118 Ntsc Manual - When a DV tape is in the camera, an error message flashes with the code: C:. I have cleaned the inside of my camera, tried different tapes, disconnected the battery, etc etc etc. so i've just been on this forum and tried the kiss kiss bang bang que.... Did it again a few days later and I smacked it and it worked. Dave Sat, -0800 I am now a member of the smack-a-cam club. So, when did we start to have to smack things on the side again to make them work? Tony Sat, -0800 Well, It is xmas morning 2005 and my camera finally died... Returned to Oz in Dec, and it jammed on all tapes, even new Sony ones. I HAVE A SONY CCDTRV36 NATE Mon, -0800 I am the newest member of the Sony Whack-a-Cam club. I have been beating my handicam for years before I found this site. If you will open you cam with tape removed you will see a roller on the rhthand side toward the lens it is a wide roller with black rubber on it. i've warmed the the cam too and honestly i don't know wht made it woek the warming or the smacking... Then I started getting the dreaded C and all sorts of wacky things with the tape loading not working, etc. Another post with Sony Ccd Trv118 Ntsc Manual ccd trv118 manual - hbwyy ccd trv118 manual - ooowj ccd trv118 manual - hgqnb camera operations guide.

AC Power Adapter Charger for Sony AC-L10, AC-L10A, AC-. Chieh Cheng Wed Jan 26 PST 2005 I had this error message on my TRV16e. Debbie Sat, -0700 I just turned the camcorder on its side and hit rewind. i tried cleaning it but still nothing would get this error out, but i tried what Debbie said to do "smacking the side of the camera relatively hard with the palm of your hand" and it worked. It was hilarious Liz Thu, -0700 I have the Sony DCR TRVII and I thought it deserved a good smack after the VRC mode gave me that C error message. Hit several times on tape side, progressively harder until it worked.!! I just saved a lot of money and I get to take out a little frustration in the process. I put it into the the black rubber roller,then it work! and although i would never normally advise this , IT WORKED ! John Sat, -0800 I have analyzed my TRV-350 and it appears that a gear locking mechanism that prevents tape slack is the source of the problem. I had that thing taken apart and put back together..... Hopefully Sony will be out of business soon anyway. Darren Tue, -0800 I bought a Sony DCR-TRV950 and got the C31-23 error the first time I used it! so then out of the blue i google the error code, tried the battery thing to no avail, then took debbie's advice and SMACKED THAT BAD BOY LIKE IT OWED ME 75 BUCKS. i sent a link of this site to a dear friend who works at Sony, she's gonna d this. rb Mon, -0800 The smack trick does NOT work for me! Refer to your manual for specific functionality of the AC adapter with your unit. HQRP Replacement AC Adapter Charger for Sony HandyCam CCD-TRV108 CCD-.

Sony CCD TRV-228E 228 E Hi8 Pal Camcorder 990x zoom Handycam It only happened on one tape (mostly) and there was no way this tape would play. I get paranoid now every time I put a tape in waiting for the beep beep noise. thanx Debbie Frank Fri, -0700 I have the same Camcoder DCR-trv250 also. sony makame angry Sun, -0700 I have joined the "club" with a DCR-PC120BT but I'm going to experiment more with different tapes before I start playing whack-a-mole with it. Thanks Snehal Desai Tue, -0700 thanks to everyone on this list, even I tried wacking the camera and it worked !! I have a sony DCR VX2000 that has not been working for months!!! My problem was a tape-maybe it was too old or had been used too many times. My 4 year old Sony TRV-17 started showing this C: error after I had transferred several tapes to the Computer in order to clear them up for an upcoming trip (I live in a real dry place). I smacked it a few times like it was an electronic thing and it did not work. But the white tube is loose and I always check whether it lost! Dave Chow Thu, -0800 I don't believe it..smacking it worked! I took this my Sony Dital Cam with me to Amman, Jordan, hoping to film my voyages get slammed with this stupid error code in London. Thanks ALOT debb, you've breathed new life into what had become a very expensive webcam. Suleiman Thu, -0800 I had the same problem, and it seems like the cassete sensors had dust in it. Anil Thu, -0800 Hi every one, I had the same problem with my fu*** camera I've had two sony cameras & it's always the same, what I did was what debbie said "just hit it" I couldn't believe it but it works, what I used to do was just take it in its box & wait for the problem gets solved by itself, I know sounds stupid but it works too. I had this problem with my Dital8 TRV230 while it was still under warranty. When I had the same problem again now (out of warranty) I was worried about the cost of fixing it. thanks for saving me $$$$$$ chuck Sat, -0800 I've got a TRV 250 that gave me the error rht when I needed it most.... This mechanism gets stuck after inserting a tape and smacking the camera unlocks the gears. Just be careful to smack it with your open palm to distribute the impact of the blow and avoid damaging the camcorder. Manuel Sun, -0800 We have been tearing our hair out with the C: error message on our Sony Dital 8 camera -- trying to get the camera to work ever since Christmas so we can test out our new DVD recorder. I found this thread on camerahacker..POW I beat that damn thing into working. When I ed Sony they said the heads were dirty and to buy a cleaning tape! ) Jack Thu, -0800 If you smack and it doesn't work, smack harder. I smacked my TRV27 as hard as I can, but the C error still came out - actually somewhere in the middle it was C and C -- I read this thread again. My TRV245E gave this error message after I accidentally moved the cassette compartment opening slider thingy while the tape was running. I took it to Sony who wanted 200 just to look at it. These camcorders can be used here just to take video and charge the battery but to watch the video in NTSC. Every Sony Handycam camcorder delivers.

SONY HANDYCAM CCD-TRV228E OPERATION MANUAL Pdf Download. Pete Sun, -0700 I don't know what the heck it is but is seems to come up when I don't use it for a while then I try to go immedeatly to the VCR function. I have never had the code when I pick it up and go directly to record mode??? I also have the trc250 Ryan Wed, -0700 This may seem silly, but it worked for me. Try smacking the side of the camera relatively hard with the palm of your hand. The same error message was given to me and I tried the whole owners manual "fix" which didn't work. Jim K Wed, -0700 I have joined the smack the camcorder club and agree it works! NO doubt it's a desn fault, which will cost you an arm & a leg to get repaired. I had tried taking the battery out for several minutes, ejecting the tape...nothing worked..ed Sony..said send it would be a 0.00 repair..found this smack the camcorder several times and insert the tape several times... Anyway, I didn't have to whack it, but switching tapes worked! Then I hit it like I wanted to break it in frustration and wow it worked after that. Ofcourse I will now go smack-happy on this thing if it misbehaves. bye greetings from Mxico Albert Sun, -0800 Unbelievable! Thought it was condensation at first, tried it today, and did same thing.. I was just about to take it to Best Buy and PAY to have them fix it -- then I found this website, hit the camera and IT WORKED!!! Can't wait until my husband tells this to his co-workers at SONY!!!!! This type of fix works so well for a type A personality. I asked them how the heads could be dirty on a brand new unit? I switched tapes; it worked for a little while, but now we're back to the same thing. I used to buy Sony products, but after this and some very bad experiences with the Sony Mavica cameras, I'll going with someone else the next time! Since some one said "if it doesn't work, smack harder", so I smack it with a magazine. I bought a new (but slhtly inferior) camcorder for 180 and stashed the faulty one for a rainy day, when I could dismantle it and hope to find it was just a sticky mechanism. But I decided to look on the net first, just in case someone else had had a similar problem - of course I thought because Sony said they didn't know what the error was, that it must be hy unusual. Thinking that smacking it hard would at least give me a better reason to be charged 200 I got stuck in. Worked for a minute then stopped so I smacked it harder. Camcorder Sony Handycam CCD-TRV238E Operation Manual. Sony video camera recorder/dital video camera recorder operations guide 116 pages

Sony Ccd Trv118 Ntsc Manual - It is good to know I am not the only one that has a faulty camcorder! Before you pay someone else to do this try it yourself. The smacking theory seems to be the thing that works. Mary Sat, -0800 Wow, I can't believe this worked. Arthur Fonzarelli Sun, -0800 I've had the same problem with a Sony DCR-PC101E videocamera, with a the C flashing and beeping error message, the last month. i am going to buy a minidv or dvd recorder, but need cam to work before i convert film to dvd. I smack it like it owns me a million $ -- and finally, it BROKE! Ooops too hard - now the tape is stuck inside, won't relase :s Took the strap off to allow the cover to move more freely, took the battery out, tried again to open it - no joy - put battery back, switched on and off and hey presto, the tape comes out! I tried many different tapes, and came to the conclusion it was not them at fault. Hgqnb sony ccd trv118 camcorders owners manual - njlio sony ccd trv118 ntsc manual - lbcal ccd trv118 manual - zqhbp dital video camera recorder.

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Error Code C? - Camera Hacker
<strong>Sony</strong> Hi8 <strong>Handycam</strong> Vision CCD-TRV68 <strong>NTSC</strong> - Video Dailymotion
<em>Sony</em> Ccd Trv118 <em>Ntsc</em> <em>Manual</em> -
AC Power Adapter Charger for <b>Sony</b> AC-L10, AC-L10A, AC-.
<strong>Sony</strong> CCD TRV-228E 228 E Hi8 Pal Camcorder 990x zoom <strong>Handycam</strong>
<em>SONY</em> <em>HANDYCAM</em> CCD-TRV228E OPERATION <em>MANUAL</em> Pdf Download.
<strong>Sony</strong> Ccd Trv118 <strong>Ntsc</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> -
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