Pvg 120 proportional valve service parts manual

PVG proportional valves PVB, hh basic module PVB, low basic module PVG 120 Proportional Valve Specification Module Selection Chart SAE flange O-ring Boss 4 520L0361 • Rev DC • Dec 2010 Metric flange e a Weht kg [lb] No facilities for shock valves AB 155G6016 155G6015 155G6014 8.9 [19.6] Accessory modules for PVB Plug, PVBP 155G6081 Weht kg [lb] 0.4 [0.9 ] LSA/B press. Parts and Service make improvements for Distributors. PVG proportional valves product brochure

Danfoss pvg 32 service manual Relief valve, PVBR 155G6080 0.4 [0.9] External LS connection, PVBC 155G6082 0.4 [0.9] Module for oil flow 180 l/min [47.6 US gal/min], PVBU 155G6035 0.4 [0.9] PVBS, mechanical actuation Symbol Oil flow l/min [US gal] PVT, tank side module A 65 [17.2] B 95 [25.1] C 130 [34.3] D 180 [47.6] 155G6452 155G6454 155G6456 155G6458 155G6464 155G6466 155G6468 155G6476 155G6478 Weht kg [lb] 0.35 [0.8] 0.35 [0.8] 0.35 [0.8] 0.35 [0.8] PVM, mechanical actuation PVM PVMD or PVM PVE PVM PVH SAE flange 155G3040 155G3041 155G3050 155G3051 O-ring Boss 22.5° 37.5° 22.5° 37.5° Weht kg [lb] 0.5 [ 1.1] SAE flange Metric flange O-ring Boss Weht kg [lb] Facilities for shock valves AB 155G6007 155G6006 155G6005 10.2 [22.5] f Metric flange 10 LS Weht kg [lb] Upper part excl. Nm 90 Nm 120 Nm 30 Nm 10 Nm 30 Nm 800 in-lbs 1060 in-lbs 800 in-lbs 1060 in-. A5.02 520L0211 PVG 32 Proportional Valve Service Parts Manual.

Bibus.ru/fileadmin/editors/countries/sab/Produkte/Sauer_Danfoss/. LX connection 155G7022 155G7021 155G7020 4.6 [10.1] Upper part incl. Because the proportional valves are used in many different. Please contact the Danfoss Power Solutions Sales Organisation if the PVG 120 valve is to be.

Goldwayfluid.com/down/PVG 120 Proportional Valve.pdf LX connection 155G7025 155G7024 155G7023 4.6 [10.1] Lower part incl. A6.02 520L0356 PVG 120 Proportional Valve cal Information Contents © 2001 Sauer-Danfoss Sauer-. Service Centers strategiy located in all parts.

PVG 32 Proportional Valves Service Manual Valve Pilot oil supply PVE for 155G7042 155G7040 4.4 [9.7] Lower part excl. Serviceability This valve may be disassembled and cleaned, however, internal parts are not. Similar to PVG 32 Proportional Valves Service Manual

Kramp.com/pdf/ru_DE/pvg120_service_man_rus.pdf Pilot oil supply for PVE 155G7062 155G7060 4.4 [9.7] Lower part incl. MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE Service Manual Proportional Valve PVG 120 powersolutions. Revision. service parts exploded view PVG 120.

PVG Proportional Valves - Product Range Pilot oil supply for PVH 155G7044 155G7043 4.4 [9.7] P P T 0 1-8 9 11 d c b V310173. The load-sensing PVG 120 is a combined directional and flow control valve made for hh flow, hh pressure demands. Parts and Service

Hts.by/uploads/PVG120.pdf Maximum Safety Demands PVG 120 Proportional Valve cal Information System Safety When the fault. Service Centers strategiy located in all parts.

Pvg 120 proportional valve service parts manual:

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