Dk-3 screwdriver antenna manual

DK-3 Screwdriver - Ham Radio Toys The KO6YD Screwdriver Antenna Memory - The Screwdriver Antenna Memory (SAM) product is desned to enhance the mobile antenna commonly ed the "Screw Driver". DK-3 Screwdriver Inventor" W6AAQ, now a Silent Key Don Johnson, W6AAQ, inventor of the screwdriver mobile antenna died Wednesday, April 14th according.

DK3 Screwdriver antenna Product Reviews - eHam It replaces your current control unit and provides an automated memory feature that eliminates the visual coil tuning method commonly used. I traded my HF mobile setup & the DK3 for an HF amplifier for my shack. Since then I have another HF mobile setup with Hustler antennas & I must say the DK3 is.

Screwdriver Antenna - AntenneX N2VZ Automatic Screwdriver Antenna Controller - Turbo Tuner TM Fully automatic screwdriver antenna controller for Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu radios. Mar 23, 2005. Now let's take a look at the construction of a screwdriver antenna. antenna from near 3 MHz to near 30 MHz on a typical mobile installation.

Attention Hi - Hi-Q-Antennas for HF Ham Radio Mobile Operation. Fully plug and play with Tarheel antennas and Hh Sierra and Hi-Q. BREAKTHROUGH in the Hi-Q HF Antenna tuning SPEED. Most interestingly the Hamsticks where SUPERIOR to the Hi-Q antennas as well as couple DK-3's and a. I am attaching a couple of pictures of his antenna setup at the "margarita.

K4EAA Screwdriver Antenna Screwdriver antenna screwdriver-antenna diy screwdriver antenna hf screwdriver antenna screwdriver antenna buil screwdriver antenna tuners screwdriver antenna di screwdriver antenna tuni screwdriver antenna cont bdm5 screwdriver antenna screwdriver-antenna-cont screwdriver multiband antenna screwdriver antenna electronics 33 ft. A homebrew DK-3 type screwdriver antenna fitted to a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup.

Screwdriver antenna - Amateur-radio- It was nearly 20 years ago when I first met Don W6AAQ at a swap in Sacramento Ca. Apr 11, 2009. The orinal DK-3 Screwdriver Antenna desn was created by Don Johnson W6AAQ, author of a series of three books on "HF mobileering".

Alpine Antenna Ham Radio Mobile Antennas He wandered over to my table and inspected what I was selling and gave me a funny look; and asked why I was not selling his antenna? He wandered away for a few moments and returned with 3 of his DK-3 antennas, and dropped them on my table and started to walk away saying; " you can pay me later." I had no idea at the time who he was, or what the antennas were. Oct 26, 2016. Screwdriver Antennas. First I bought a screwdriver antenna to mount on my Jeep for use during motorhome. DK3 and all other makes.

Screwdriver antenna / 11 Links - Page 1 - The Homebrew Screwdriver Antenna - 9W2DTR describe how homebrewing your. of modified version of the famous DK3 mobile screwdriver antenna by KE0KH.

Dk-3 screwdriver antenna manual:

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