Vivitar thyristor 285 manual

A Concise Guide to the <strong>Vivitar</strong> <strong>285</strong> and <strong>Vivitar</strong> <strong>285</strong>

A Concise Guide to the Vivitar 285 and Vivitar 285 Some strobes (and infrared strobe trgers) use hh voltages in the trger circuit. It also contains some information about specific camera makes and the strobes that lht them. Unlike the Sunpack 383, the 285HV has a reasonable manual. The Vivitar 283, 285, and 285HV have been trusty photographer's assistants.

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Powershot Posts - Botzilla For mechanical cameras, this is fine — but many newer, electroniy-driven cameras (especially electronic 35mm SLRs like the EOS or dicams — or for that matter, EOS dicams, like the 300D) can be damaged by excessive strobe voltages. Canon US has verified (to me, and here) that the Powershot G doesn't like voltages over 6V. Powershot Posts. Feel free to Add to our current collection. Check the Botzilla Journal too! If you want to say how much you appreciate this site, press here

How to Use the <i>Vivitar</i> <i>285HV</i> professional camera flash

How to Use the Vivitar 285HV professional camera flash It contains a table of strobe trger voltages, a few measured by myself but most contributed by readers of this site. Got a new Vivitar 285HV and having trouble using the flash. to use than an automatic flash because you have to manually set the settings.

Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras -

Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras - Similarly, Nikon has specified 12V for their speedlht circuits... Instructions on how to use Speedlite electronic flash units with Canon EOS cameras.

<strong>Vivitar</strong> <strong>285HV</strong> - Strobist

Vivitar 285HV - Strobist (though reader Steve Francesoni ed to check, and their tech rep said that his N80 was good to 250V — so there may be more complexity to this story). To say that the Vivitar 283 and 285 flashes were regarded as workhorses would be. manual flash and has reintroduced the classic workhorse Vivitar 285HV.

<strong>Vivitar</strong> <strong>285HV</strong> Flash for SLR

Vivitar 285HV Flash for SLR I've heard some rumours that some Coolpix models have been restricted to 5V! Comment Great Vivitar 285 Zoom Thyristor in perfect working order. The battery terminals are clean, no corrosion & no leaks. Comes with 4 AA batteries for

<strong>Vivitar</strong> Flash eBay

Vivitar Flash eBay (see below for more details) Marco Fortin-Metzgen checked with Olympus Europe on his C4040 — that dicam has a trger voltage of 10V, so Olympus too recommends strobe trgering in the 3V to 6V range. Vintage VIVITAR ELECTRONIC FLASH MODEL 91 - With Charger, Manual & Case. Vivitar Zoom Thyristor 285 electronic flash in excellent used condition and.

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Vivitar - - The free camera Vivitar Camera Lenses. An attempt has been made to break down the Vivitar lenses by family, that is, a of lenses that were marketed together for a period of time.

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Electronic flash, 35mm camera flash, 35mm If you would like these or any pdf file printed, bound and mailed to you, see this outside companys' offer

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Photo Strobe Trger Voltages - Botzilla Streetphoto, Conspiracy, Dital. On the Web since 1994. Strobe Trger Voltages Is your old strobe safe to use on your new camera?

Vivitar thyristor 285 manual:

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