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User Guide - SetupRouter I got this modem from a friend, a Huawei HG530uits a ADSL modem and I have a Internet connection over Ethernet I knew this was going to be difficult but I managed somehow to put the Internet connection in LAN1 and I can share it over wireless, phone and laptop have Internet,no problem therebut I also have a desktop PC, which can access the modem confuration but nothing more (over LAN port),so I tried to copy IP and gateway and other settings from my mobile devices and I managed to lose connection on my laptop, but I regained it somehow (truly by accident)So... Thank you for purchasing the HUAWEI HG530 Home Gateway hereinafter referred to. 4 Select Yes from the Active drop-down combo box and select Routing.

<em>HUAWEI</em> HG 533/520v Free Dynamic DNS Service

HUAWEI HG 533/520v Free Dynamic DNS Service What should I do, what info do you need to help me and do you also think this is a really stupid situation DOh yeah, I tried with enabled and disabled DHCP on this modem, nothing is changing. If you have a HUAWEI HG533 router, you may use the option in your router to avail Dynu free dynamic DNS service.

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User Guide - Huawei Launch internet browser Log in to the modem interface by Typing "" into the address bar and press enter Click on LAN setting Under LAN interface enter static IP/default gateway given Under Subnet mask: enter (/29) Click on submit to save Click on DHCP Edit Size of IP pool: 5(for/29) and 1(for/30) Enter primary DNS: .11/4 Enter secondary DNS: .149 Click on submit to save. Manually Setting Up a Wireless Connection. The HG532d 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Router HG532d for short is a hh-speed wireless router desned for.

Setup WiFi on the <i>Huawei</i> <i>HG530</i> - SetupRouter

Setup WiFi on the Huawei HG530 - SetupRouter Click on advance and select firewall Click on disable to disable firewall Click on submit to save. The Huawei HG530 router is considered a wireless router because it offers WiFi. Download Manuals for Huawei HG530 · Setup DNS for your Huawei HG530.

<strong>Huawei</strong> <strong>HG530</strong> Modem Confuration, as a <strong>router</strong>, secure the wifi.

Huawei HG530 Modem Confuration, as a router, secure the wifi. Click on WAN settings Click to disable NAT under IP address Click on submit to save Steps to confure HG 532e - self install modem Connect the Ethernet cable directly from the modem to computer Type in the address bar of the browser and press the enter key Type in Username: admin Password: to know password turn behind modem to confirm password Click next Enter PPP username and PPP password from receipt Enter preferred wireless credentials, ie SSID name and wireless key Click next to complete setup. Télécharger le tutoriel en français en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous https// Confuration procedure, step by.

Download <strong>Manual</strong> for the <strong>Huawei</strong> <strong>HG530</strong> - SetupRouter

Download Manual for the Huawei HG530 - SetupRouter Confuring HG 520C, HG 530, Smart AX 882 First reset the modem.(Turn behind modem for reset button) Connect the Ethernet cable directly from the modem to your computer. Huawei HG530 User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Huawei HG530 router. Other Huawei HG530 Guides. to Huawei.

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