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Pk/commerce/MCom/PartII/II_3Corporate_and_BusinessLaw.doc ACFE NEWSThe Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), in an effort to enhance corporate governance standards, has included the Certified Fraud Examiner credential in the legal framework of its Code of Corporate Governance (CCG), which lists a set of recognized qualifications for head of internal audit positions for all companies on the three stock exchanges in Pakistan at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Of Pakistan Publisher, Karachi Manual of Corporate Governance, SECP Islamabad Companies Ordinance, 1984 as amended with Matters and Commentary.

Rules SECP According to Waseem Ahmed Khan, CFE, MPA, FCMA, former president of the ACFE Islamabad Chapter and a senior manger with the SECP, the CFE credential also has been included as a preferred qualification for chief internal auditor positions for state-owned companies in the government’s Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance) Regulations. Public Sector Companies Corporate Governance Rules 2013, Download. 14/11/2012, Voluntary Pension Rules 2005 amended 2012, Download.

Manual of Corporate Governance STEPS TO CFE RECOGNITIONAfter the introduction of the Institute of Internal Auditors’ Certified Internal Auditor credential in the CCG, the Pakistan Chapter of the ACFE recommended that the International Affairs Division (IAD) of the SECP consider including the CFE credential for the post of head of internal audit. NFC Revised Manual of Corporate Governance 04May2016”. Manual of Corporate Governance. Performance Based Incentive for GOCCs

Corporate Governance in Pakistan Corporate Valuation, Ownership. The chapter supported its request with detailed documents and reports. Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad and. Robina Iqbal. In Pakistan, the publication of the SECP Corporate Governance Code 2002 for publicly listed. Moreover, the manual system was also plagued by lengthy delays.

Press Releases – Media center SECP The IAD of the SECP suggested that the CCG task force review and include the CFE credential. ISLAMABAD, March 7 The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. 07/01/2004, SEC Introduces Manual of Corporate Governance, Download.

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